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       My name is Jamie Sharples.  I am a jeweler from a small town in Northcentral Montana where I was raised in the jewelry business.  In the early 90's, faced with mounting competitive pressures, I decided to go to the "source", (Antwerp, Belgium), for my diamond purchases.  My first trip was with one of the large "buying groups".  Subsequently, I was introduced to a man who had trained and supervised the grading staff of Harry Winston in New York City for seven years in the 1960's and  for the next ten years we worked together in the Antwerp diamond market.

      In 2002 I broke off on my own and now spend up to six months a year in Belgium working with jewelers and private clients.  The sightholders, manufacturers, and cutters that I do business with are among the strongest and largest in Antwerp.  My Hearts and Arrows sources are some of the largest in the world and I work quite closely with them. 

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